1SHIFT Platform

1SHIFT enables brokers, shippers, and carriers, to track shipments and settle payments in real-time, creating end-to-end market efficiency. Our platform gives insight to all users, allowing them to manage existing freight more efficiently and monitor reports to allow for quick dispute resolutions between parties.

Facilitated problem resolution - track any problem or dispute that arises by engaging the shipper and carrier via in-application chat.

Find new carriers with the 1SHIFT marketplace and rating system to select new carriers based on past performance, vetted by 1SHIFT including insurance and certifications.

Highlight loads that require special attention in one dashboard so shippers and carriers can work in real time and keep on track.

Know the status of your content at all times with smartphone, ELD and satellite location tracking and onboard sensors to reduce cost from loss, damage, and spoilage.

Benefits of using 1SHIFT

As a 1SHIFT platform participant you can enjoy a variety of benefits, such as:
If you are a 3PL or Carrier, these additional benefits are also available:
For Drivers, our mobile app provides the following benefits:
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